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Graffiti Magazine Volume 1 Issue 18
November 3, 2009, 7:15 pm
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Graffiti - CumberlandsGirl on the Town:  Cumberland’s

There are at least three necessities for a successful date:  good food, good drinks, and good music.  I, fortunately, found all three at Cumberland’s, a kick-ass bar located in the same building as the thrift shop Granny’s Goodies.  Cumberland’s has a chill atmosphere complete with foosball table and arcade games.  The crowd is very eclectic, ranging from your sixty-something to your young punk rocker.  The bar is eighteen and over, so all of you young’uns have another place to go to get your hand’s X’d out.  The staff are huge fans of “The Simpson’s,” celebrate each airing and even offer “Duff beer” for an alcohol option.  The bartenders are easy to approach and even easier to tip well.

Every thing that comes off the grill smells amazing; those cooks know what they’re doing.  Bar food has never tasted so good.  Salty and greasy—my two favorite sensations.  I favor their cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks (who can go wrong with fried cheese?), and wings.  They’are all incredible, but I’ll leave the wing critiquing to the Wing Nut and get on to the booze.

One dollar mystery beers.  Enough said.  For those of you pinching pennies but still wanting to get smashed:  mystery beers are for you.  A cold bucket of random domestics contain this steal.  It all lays in the hands of the bartender as to which brand you’ll get.  So cross your fingers, close your eyes, and give up the buck.  Also, they carry Blackhause, a berry-flavored liquor that tastes like candy when mixed with Red Bull.  I order it every time and am never disappointed.  It also tends to give a great buzz.

There is a stage in Cumberland’s for performers, complete with a huge open space that’s perfect for dancing your ass off every night of the week.  On the night I graced the bar with my presence, Moses Mayfield was the evening’s top act.  The band is based in Birmingham and comprised of five very talented musicians.  Their music can be best described as rock—very easy to bob your head to and even shake your booty if you’re feeling frisky.  Check out for shows coming soon to the Lowcountry.

For a rockin’ good time, know that you can always go to Cumberland’s, located at 301 King Street.  To check out who’s playing, go to  Who knows? You may even see me there.

Special thanks to Jason Fannin and Robbie Silver for their assistance with the accompanying photographs.

Girl on the Town:  Red’s

Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek is truly an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Most bars in any city have a majority of female servers.  Not Red’s, girls—this place has good-looking guys and girls.  Our waitress was a cutiepie and extremely patient.  (It takes a lot of patience to deal with my rambling to strangers after four jagerbombs.)  She listened to my theories about Red’s heterogeneously-gendered staff and even laughed at a few of my jokes.

The whole crowd is very easy-going.  Not only is it the ultimate place for single guys and gals to hook up, but it’s also a great spot for families to eat terrific seafood.  While I watched the afternoon darken, I saw many families take their places at the outdoor seating.

Before the sun fades too quickly, take advantage of its location on Shem Creek.  There is no better place than Red’s to work on your tan while drinking a beer.  The bar has a gorgeous view, perfect for boat- and people-watching.  It’s also an awesome place to park your boat and grab a couple of beers before returning home after a leisurely day.  There are even two outdoor bars in addition to the one indoors, so you don’t have to trot inside unless you need to use the restroom.  While Red’s is busiest during the warmer months, locals should not fear.  In the cooler seasons, the bar supplies outdoor heating, but be sure to double-check that the bar is open before going there during the cooler seasons.

If you’re a dog-lover (and your dog isn’t vicious), bring the pup out to Red’s!  There are always a few pooches running around with their owners.  And guys:  isn’t it widely known that the easiest way to pick up a girl is with a dog?

Or you can buy her good food.  The Oyster and Sweet Corn Chowder was, by far, the apple of my eye.  Even though it was hot as blazes, I was feeling neurotic and wanted soup—and am I glad I got some!  It’s somewhat spicy yet sweet, and I wanted to lick the bowl clean.  The Great Grilled Shrimp appetizer is great—very juicy and buttery.

To enjoy amazing food, drinks, and digs, stop by Red’s at 98 Church Street in Mount Pleasant, right off of Coleman Boulevard.  As the t-shirt of a fellow bar-goer said:  “Red’s, more fun than whippits.”

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