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Graffiti Magazine Volume 1 Issue 20
November 3, 2009, 7:17 pm
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Graffiti - Salty Mikes Girl on the Town:  Salty Mike’s


Want to hang out with some down-to-earth Charlestonians?  Check out Salty Mike’s Deck Bar on 17 Lockwood Drive.  Situated next to the City Marina, the bar offers a place for local boaters to pull on up and enjoy a few beers (but no drinking and driving, sailor).  The crowd ranges from your typical middle-aged boat resident to your freshly twenty-one college student.  Your life (or favorite bar) lacking variety?  Spice things up with the crew at Salty’s.


The outdoor deck provides an amazing view for those still sober enough to enjoy it.  Before the sun goes down, it’s a prime place to watch the boats, water, and patrons who have a few beers under their belts.  It’s most popular in the spring and summer, but we all know Charleston’s winter is short, and spring will be here before you know it.

For those of you tired of looking at the Lowcountry’s water (you guys are few and far between), another view can be found behind the Salty’s bar:  the bartenders.  Our bartender of the night was a cute blonde with a t-shirt that proudly proclaimed: “Jesus Loves the Hell Outta Me.”  Gotta love a girl with a sense of humor.  If you’re lucky, boys, you’ll stop by when the beer babes are there.  For those of you out of the loop:  beer babe=hot girl promoting a specific brand of beer.  The babes are typically friendly and usually wearing something that nicely displays their, should we say, assets.

Away from the T-n-A talk, perverts.  If scenery and chicks aren’t your thing, you’ll love the food.  Awesome fried shrimp with either tarter or cocktail sauce.  And lots of fries.  Let’s be honest:  what is fried shrimp without fries?  Be sure to get the crab dip for an appetizer.  The crab is fresh, and it’s extremely yummy.

And, of course, there’s the beer.  Lots of beer.  And liquor.  Lots of liquor.  How else could Salty Mike’s claim to be a deck bar?

There’s tons of entertainment to be found at Salty’s:  pool tables, acoustic performers, and computer games.  Yes, I said it:  computer games.  I, the drunken Girl on the Town, am a computer game nerd.  I can spend some money on computer games, especially trivia and word searches.  Fellow dorks, find these games—and more!—at Salty Mike’s.

So get off your ass, grab a few bucks, and get on down to Salty Mike’s.

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