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Graffiti Magazine Volume 2 Issue 13
November 3, 2009, 8:44 pm
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Graffiti - Dinner and TunesDinner & Tunes

Library Restaurant & Rooftop

23 Vendue Range, Charleston

The Rooftop is one of my favorite places to get a drink and listen to some great music.  The panoramic view of the harbor is fabulous.  You can soak in the sunset while checking out the Ravenel Bridge.  Nothing could be more romantic.  And the food and booze are pretty damn good, too.  There’s always a great crowd at the Rooftop, so people watching is one thing you can do if your date is boring you.  Another thing you can do is order another martini and a seafood appetizer off the menu.  Or just sit back and listen to the music.  The Rooftop has live music nightly, ranging from jazz to soul to easy rock.  No matter what you do while relaxing on the Rooftop, you’re sure to have a good time.

Fonduely Yours

853 Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant

Fonduely Yours offers you and your significant other (or hookup for the evening) with an interactive way to eat a good meal.  Choose what kind of fondue package you want, and then get ready to have a blast.  If this is your first time visiting a fondue-type restaurant, don’t despair.  The servers at Fonduely Yours are knowledgeable and patient; they will walk you through everything you need to know to make the right cuisine choices.  My favorite courses are the cheese courses and dessert, of course.  Great jazz music is the backdrop for your intimate dinner, and the dim lighting in the restaurant makes it easy to give your date “the look” over a boiling fondue pot of oil, cheese or chocolate.  This is a great way to start—or end—an evening.  I only wish I could take the chocolate fondue course to go . . . it would definitely start a revolution in the bedroom.

Coco’s Café

863 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mount Pleasant

If you and your date are in the mood for something delectable, you need to swing by Coco’s Café.  Their French cuisine is tasty but affordable, which is nice if you’re the one laying down the dough for the bill.  Be sure to try the lobster bisque.  It’s to die for.  And boys, this is the time to impress your dates by using those French courses you took in high school.  All of us girls melt when a guy speaks in a different language, even if it is French.  Seriously, though, the atmosphere of Coco’s is elegant, romantic and relaxed.  Their dress code is casual, so you don’t need to steam clean the one suit you own, either.  The highlight of Coco’s is the wine, I have to say.  The first thing you should do is order a kickass bottle of wine and get the number for a cab, just in case one bottle turns into two.

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