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Graffiti Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4
November 3, 2009, 8:27 pm
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Graffiti - T-Bonz
Girl on the Town: Drinkin’ at a Steak House


What could be better than a steak house with a killer bar?  A steak house with a killer bar that brews its own beer.  Oh yes—you heard me right.  Sound appealing?  Head over to Tbonz Gill & Grill.  They have three locations in the Low Country:  Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, and downtown Charleston.

The main attraction is, of course, the food.  Their steaks are only the choicest cuts of beef, and their seafood is fresh and local.  But if you want to start a meal out right, you need the perfect appetizer.  Don’t you worry—Tbonz has you covered with their kickass Tommy’s Texas Cheese Fries Deluxe.  Just be careful not to fill up before the main course, kiddies.  The friendly staff also has you covered with soup, stew, and chili on those rare cold and raw days we have in Chucktown.  But when you want something filling, order one of Tbonz’s self-proclaimed “finest steaks known to man.”  My favorite is the bacon-wrapped filet.  Bacon and beef—what could go wrong?  But Tbonz doesn’t stop there.  They’ve got chicken, ribs, sandwiches, and tons of seafood.  And if you happen to go to either the downtown or Mt. P locations, their sister restaurant Kaminsky’s is located right inside.  Prepare yourself for the best things you will ever put in your mouth.  Rockin’ cakes and desserts.  That’s all I’ve got to say.

I know, I know.  You’ve all been waiting for information about the alcohol.  If you’re a wine girl (or guy—whatever floats your boat), this place has all kinds of grapes to fit your needs.  If you’re more of a beer chick or guy (like moi), put aside your normal order of Bud Lite and try one of their home-brewed flavors.  They range from the mild Waccamaw Blonde to the full-bodied Rocket’s Red Ale to special seasonal beers.  Walk in, sit at the bar, and ask what’s on tap.  Then indulge your beer fantasies.  And for all of you liquor drinkers, no worries.  Tbonz has an extensive liquor collection for your consumption.  Enjoy.

Fun, interesting fact that will make all you tree huggers cream your shorts:  Tbonz recycles and never uses Styrofoam.  They cook a mean steak, brew a killer beer, and help to save the environment while doing it.  They are like Superman.

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