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Graffiti Magazine Volume 2 Issue 7
November 3, 2009, 8:28 pm
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Graffiti - Hatchells

Girl on the Town:  Gourmet Flavor Hits the Mount Pleasant Scene

My day job is located in Mt. P, and I’m always on the look-out for new, rockin’ spots for happy hour.  Six months ago, Hatchell’s, located in the Town Centre, wouldn’t have been high on the list.  But now, the joint has new management, a re-vamped flavor, and a whole new attitude.

Booker Urista, the new manager of Hatchell’s, has a motto:  “Just be real.”  From the minute he steps foot inside the bar to the moment he leaves, he is constantly go, go, go.  Booker stops by every single table in the restaurant, just to chat it up with the customers and make sure their experience is a personable, fun one.  Even though he’s from the north, don’t hold that against him:  he’s full of southern hospitality, all the way.

Booker is trying hard to make over Hatchell’s and bring five-star flavor to the tapas menu.  He revealed that he and kitchen staff are in the process of re-writing the menu.  This girl on the town can’t wait to try out the new munchies.  If my experiences at Hatchell’s are a sign of the future, I hope they hurry and write that menu soon . . . like tonight.  Because this girl’s getting hungry.  And their kitchen has all the right stuff.  Booker let me and a few of my good friends taste some of his specialties, including a crab bisque that made me drool all over my sweater to pork medallions served with a potato puree that I can only guess was laced with an unknown, very addictive substance.  It was that good, and I’m jonesing for some more now.  The salmon was great, and so was the tuna.  And, of course, as my faithful readers know, I am a beef whore.  The Hatchell’s crew whipped up some killer gorgonzola beef tenders that made me gyrate in my seat.  And the dessert—the dessert!  Crème brulee, I want to rub you all over my body.  You are that heavenly.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  My alcoholic side wants to talk about the drinks!  Hatchell’s has an awesome happy hour menu.  All draft beer—not just the cheapies—are $2 during HH.  There are just fewer than twenty beers on draft, so close your eyes and take your pick.  If you don’t like it, try another—it’s only two bucks.  House liquors are three bucks, and Red Bull is a low four dollars.  While you’re slugging down cocktails, ask Hatchell’s extremely friendly and knowledgeable bar staff to throw together their signature shot.  It’s called Fun Dip and tastes just like the Fun Dip candy your mom wouldn’t let you have when you were a kid and your teeth were rotting.  But Mommy’s not going to be at Hatchell’s, so order up and indulge!  The tasty shot contains Red Bull, Three Olives Greek Vodka, and a secret ingredient that the bar staff wouldn’t tell me, no matter how much I bribed them.

All I can say is this:  Hatchell’s, I love you.  And I can’t wait for the many crazy, drunken nights I foresee in our future.  Fun Dip shots, look out!  Girl on the Town is coming to eat some kick ass food and slam some drinks.  And you’d better be ready.

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