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Eff a Duck. My Consistency Sucks.
May 12, 2015, 7:10 pm
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sayingsSince I try to be kid-friendly in almost everything I do (there may be a couple of social media accounts where I let my curse-ridden freak flag fly), I couldn’t indulge in the entire rhyming phrase I muttered to myself when I visited my blog today.

F–k a duck. I can’t believe I’ve once again let you down, my faithful readers. All twelve of you. It’s been four months since I last checked in.

This time I’m not messing around. I promise you, my four followers, a blog post with a nugget of literary- or language-related goodness by the end of the week. And two to four posts weekly from here on out.

Back to the ducks.


Don’t worry, little one…you’re a goose, not a duck.

It seems that the first time the phrase “f–k a duck” was put down on paper was in Henry Miller’s Tropic of CancerWay to utilize the ever-popular literary tool of the rhyme, Henry.

As Slate reports:

Linguistic experts claim that the original inspi­ration [of the phrase ‘f–k a duck’] was the word duckfucker, the person on board a trans­atlantic ship who was charged with keeping the domestic animals alive, rather than pleasuring them in exotic ways. This word in turn entered American stoner slang as a term for an annoying idiot.

And now you’ve learned something new.

Come back later this week for another post–or even better, formally follow my blog (the little “follow” is either at the bottom right or upper left of your screen) so you don’t miss the next one!

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I was so moved by your blog on ‘fuck a duck’ that I wept…openly…and without shame. Thanks you again for you soaring literary insights. They make me feel just a little bit smarter….maybe even a little bit taller….although that might be an effect of this mirror…anyway.


Comment by David Seaburn

I knew without doubt that my post would cause tears…but I assumed they would be tears of boredom. So you can imagine my elation when I see that you wept because of pure emotion.

You are my reason for writing.

Write on!


Comment by calliopewritingllc

That’s an awesome blog entry, Katrina! I’m glad you’ve decided to take up blog writing. Keep it up! 🙂


Comment by AdamB

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