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The Oxford Comma: Fight to the Death
May 19, 2015, 3:31 pm
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arm wrestling

Before we can be friends, I need to know one thing…

How do you feel about the Oxford comma? Are you pro-OC or anti-OC?

The answer to this question will put you with me or against me in the ever-consistent Battle of the Oxford Comma, so I really, really have to know.

If you need reminding, the Oxford, or serial, comma is defined by as “a comma between the final items in a list, often preceding the word ‘and’ oror.'” Still not getting it? Here’s a visual for you:


Got it? Good.

Before you hastily say, “That comma is pointless. Why waste my time writing or typing that extra character?” – you might want to check out some visual representations of why the Oxford comma is such a great idea.



You blasphemer! Still not convinced? Continue scrolling.



Nelson Mandela was not an 800-year-old demigod! As for the dildo collecting…not sure about that one.

And finally, if you still aren’t convinced that the Oxford comma is the only way to go:


Then it means you want to eat Grandpa. You dick.

What’s your take on the Oxford comma? And if you’re against it…I’m taking back that BFF necklace I got you.

Images via Buzzfeed, The American Genius, Ooligan Press, The YUNiversity

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By the way, do you have your own rules as to when it is best to use the comma?


Comment by Sarah

I could write a series on comma usage–there’s so much to cover! Here are a couple of good guides: and

I hope that helps!


Comment by calliopewritingllc

I think I understood what you wrote. Yes, if you feel like it, the series would be good. Thanks! I think your blog is awesome, but the language is a bit juicy sometimes, so maybe it’s best if my student avoids it for some time. I’ll be sure to adopt all your remarks, however.


Comment by Sarah

There–the two links I included should be showing up in the above comment now. Yes, as I go along, I’ll address comma usage and put it in a “Comma” category so readers can easily find it.

Thank you for the comments!


Comment by calliopewritingllc

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