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June 3, 2015, 3:26 pm
Filed under: Books | Tags: , , , does some pretty cool stuff…namely, they’ve created a Google Maps Mashup pinpointing where various (at this time, they have 200) novels take place.

vintage mapFrom the map’s introduction:

They say reading a book is the greatest form of escapism – but where we escape to changes from author to author and story to story. You could visit Narnia, Westeros, or just the West End of London. This map from chronicles some of the greatest and most popular stories of English Literature (according to major publications) and their settings. Obviously the only condition is they have to be on planet Earth.

Pretty badass, and I was stoked to see my all-time favorite novel with its own little marker on the map.

But wouldn’t it be cool if they took it a step further and created maps of fictional worlds that provide the setting for (or are at least mentioned in) various books or stories?

Just a thought. Check the map out, and let me know if your fave was on there.

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yes, one at least—To Kill a Mockingbird


Comment by David B. Seaburn

Great book!


Comment by calliopewritingllc

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