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There Are Capitalization Rules, and They Should Be Followed
July 6, 2015, 7:17 pm
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Remember when Prince wasn’t Prince? He was just a symbol?

Well, since it’s likely a huge pain to change your name to a symbol, some individuals have declared their uniqueness by writing their names in all lowercase letters. And legally having their names changed that way.

Yes, this is a thing. I even found someone who does this so you won’t think I’m lying. danah michele boyd says there are several reasons she has started writing both her name and “I” in lowercase letters, including:

  • She finds that her name has more “balance” when written sans-caps.
  • She believes that capitalizing the pronoun “I” is “self-righteous.”
Look at these pretty capital letters while you let all this sink in.

Look at these pretty capital letters while you let all that sink in.

Anne Curzan, a professor of English at the University of Michigan, weighed in on the topic during the radio show That’s What They Say. She gives some really great insight into the history of letter capitalization, so take five minutes and give it a listen. It’s fascinating. Even for those who aren’t geeky about language…I think.

But then Anne says she’s thinking about writing her name without caps, following this new trend.

yoda rules to follow

So now you know my thoughts (and Yoda’s…and who can disobey Yoda?) on that.

What do you think? Are grammar rules alterable? Are capital letters really necessary? Sound off below.

And if you spell your name without capital letters…I’m sorry.

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Your so on point hear.


Comment by fictionalkevin

Ah, man. The pain that goes through my body when I see those grammatical mistakes!

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Comment by Katrina Robinson

i were going to go for the Easy capitolization, error But decided it was to oblivious

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Comment by fictionalkevin

Okay. I need to go sit in the corner and rock back and forth some…I’ll be back later. 😉

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Comment by Katrina Robinson

i hate to be dismissive but… i don’t think I’m going to fret much if i end up glossing over certain people’s names while reading this or that because they sanctimoniously elect not to capitalize them. these people are obviously providing themselves with all the attention they need…

capitalization is one of many agreed upon conventions of writing that facilitate more clear and effective communication. the self-righteous thing is to make an arbitrary stand against a wholly innocuous trend in a vain effort to draw attention to yourself. the irony is palpable. i hate to be even more dismissive but this would fit squarely into the category of…

White People Problems

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Comment by siredwinsantos

Hear, hear!


Comment by Katrina Robinson

Then I suppose you don’t like my author name: bh alsop

Liked by 1 person

Comment by bhalsop

Usernames don’t have to follow these rules. 😉

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Comment by Katrina Robinson

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