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My Love Affair with Bret Easton Ellis
July 15, 2015, 12:00 pm
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Our love affair was figurative, of course. Not literal.

Wouldn’t that have been a great blog post.

I was late to the party and didn’t read American Psycho for the first time until 2010. Wow. What a book. When I shut it after reading the last page (I did, do, and will always read print books – just a personal preference), I remember thinking: What a masterpiece of a book.

american psycho be ellis

Ellis’s approach to Patrick Bateman’s psychosis is poetic. Here’s a brief clip, to give you a taste (violent – don’t read on if you’re under, say, 14 years old):

I…whisper, “Do you know what a f***ing loser you are?” He starts nodding helplessly and I pull out a long, thin knife with a serrated edge and, being very careful not to kill him, push maybe half an inch of the blade into his right eye, flicking the handle up, instantly popping the retina.

Sure, it’s not lighthearted. But damn, is it good. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you purchase and enjoy.

After reading this glimpse into a psychopath’s mind, I fell a little bit in love with its author…

open book with heart

…so I read all his books. Each of them has its own quirks, pros, and cons, and I would suggest checking them all out – but only after you’ve read American Psycho.

Now, for a fun list of literary- and pop-culture-related links I’ve come across recently:

Back to Bret and American Psycho, which is largely brilliant because of its treatment of violence. It’s one of the most violent books I’ve read that still manages to have merit.

See? You know it's violent because it's red.

See? You know it’s violent because it’s red.

What’s your favorite violent novel, short story, or poem?

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American Psycho is definitely on my to read list, you might have just pushed it further up though! I recently read Lolita at the request of my English lit student cousin. Its not quite in the same violence category as American Psycho, but it left me feeling more conflicted and confused than any book I’ve ever read before, I still can’t quite explain it. But any book that can do that gets 5 stars in my eyes.

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Comment by laurendriley

Ah, yes. Lolita is one of those that makes you feel kind of dirty and gritty afterward. American Psycho makes you feel dirty and bloody and slimy. 😉


Comment by Katrina Robinson

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