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Test Your Vocabulary with These Kickass Quizzes
January 8, 2016, 2:25 pm
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Since I’m a writer and editor by trade, folks assume I have a wicked vocabulary.

silly rabbits

I access Merriam-Webster more times in a week than I can count, and I have no problem asking someone what a word means if I’m unsure. After all, as Confucius said, “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.”

If you can relate and want to sharpen those word skills, check out the following vocabulary quizzes . . . and don’t worry. No one needs to know your score.

Test Your Vocabulary: Commonly Confused Words

Deep-seated or deep-seeded? Adverse or averse? You might think this seven-question quiz will be a piece of cake . . . but you could be overestimating your vocabulary skills.

(I missed two of these questions. Doh! You can guaran-damn-tee that I won’t get those words mixed up ever again.)

11 Words You Should’ve Learned in School

Only missed one of these, bitches! (Deciduous – who the hell had that on a vocab quiz in school? Not me.)

But I gotta be honest – a few of these had a big old question mark appearing over my head. Glad to know that my deductive reasoning skills are passable.

How Well Do You Know Your Antonyms? (a.k.a. If You’re Over the Age of Five, You’ll Ace It)


This one’s easy. VERY easy. It’s here to make you feel better if you bombed the above quizzes. So enjoy going back to kindergarten and working on your opposites! (If you miss any of these, it’s okay – I’ll still be your friend. I just won’t think as highly of you.)

And enjoy the Rick-Roll.

Is it a Real Word or Just James Joyce?

James Joyce, you’re such a silly thing. All you Joyce fans will surely get a kick out of this BuzzFeed quiz.

For the record, I clearly haven’t read enough Joyce.

Some Extra Stuff

castle nanowrimo

  • Want to write in a castle? Duh. Of course you do. We all want to. And now we all have a chance to spend NaNoWriMo in a castle…for $4k. Damn, I wish I hadn’t spent my rainy-day fund.
  • Print magazines still exist, dammit! And BuzzFeed has listed some freaking awesome ones here. (I’m most intrigued by The Happy Reader, for obvious reasons.)

And My Spirit Song for Today Is…

This. Play it loud and proud, and rock the eff out. Oh, but be aware that it’s NSFW.

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Awesome article! 🙂

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Ahhhhsum! You’re wicked cute.

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