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Epic Book Haul: Part One of Three

Yes, you read that right–this is only part one of three! I haven’t done a book haul post in four months, and as you can imagine (if you know how addicted to books I am), I’ve had quite a few books arrive in boxes over that time. Hence, the need for a multiple-part book haul. And the reason this one is so freaking

Epic Book Haul

Without further ado, let’s get started. The books are listed and grouped in no particular order, so enjoy the randomness.

V.Thomas Pynchon

Book Haul Thomas Pynchon V.

Book Haul Thomas Pynchon V.

You had me at “wild,” “macabre,” and “the unknown woman of the title.”

The Game-Players of Titan, Philip K. Dick

Book Haul The Game-Players of Titan Philip K. Dick

First, look at that cover! I love it. Second, it’s PKD. So of course I bought it.

Book Haul The Game-Players of Titan Philip K Dick

And remember when books could be purchased by mailing in one of these handy-dandy forms? Ah, the good old days.

Heathenish, Kelby Losack

Book Haul Heathenish Kelby Losack

I got this baby for a whopping $4.50 on Amazon. It was some kind of freak pricing mistake. I like the publishing company and was intrigued by both the cover and the blurb on the back:

Book Haul Heathenish Kelby Losack

…even though there are grammatical mistakes.

The Zen of Horror, T.N. Kaylor

T.N. Kaylor and I have been Facebook friends for quite some time now, but I’m only now getting one of her books (I know–I’m so slack!). And what a perfect book to get.

Book Haul The Zen of Horror T.N. Kaylor

To give you a taste, here’s the entry for today, May 31:

Book Haul The Zen of Horror T.N. Kaylor

SapiensYuval Noah Harari

Book Haul Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari

I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while, and I finally got it! Now just need to read the damn thing.

The OutsidersS.E. Hinton

Book Haul The Outsiders S.E. Hinton

Can you believe I’ve never read this book? Love the movie, so I’m sure I’ll be head over heels for the book (even though the cover is awful).

Adulthood RitesOctavia E. Butler

Book Haul Adulthood Rites Octavia E. Butler

Book Haul Adulthood Rites Octavia E. Butler

As you might have guessed, I’m a fan of Octavia Butler. She is flippin’ awesome.

Anatomy of an EpidemicRobert Whitaker

Book Haul Anatomy of an Epidemic Robert Whitaker

As someone who struggles with mental illness, I think it’s vital that I’m educated regarding the topic. I’ve heard only amazing things about this book, so I’m looking forward to cracking it open.

White Hot Truth, Danielle LaPorte

Book Haul White Hot Truth Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is, as my friend who recommended this book calls her, “one badass chick.” I’m currently making my way through her book The Desire Map, and I know I’ll get a lot out of this one, too.

Don’t believe me? I just flipped open to a page, and here’s what it said:

Book Haul White Hot Truth Danielle LaPorte Page

Believe me now?

So that’s it for this part of the epic book haul.

The above books were purchased via,, and Collectible Science Fiction, which is becoming something of an obsession of mine. Seriously–if you haven’t visited CSF, if you’re into sci-fi and fantasy and the likes of Neil Gaiman and Octavia Butler, check his goods out. You won’t be disappointed.

What books have you acquired over the past few months? Share any and all recommendations below!

*Heads up: if you click on the links to purchase any of the mentioned books from Amazon, know that I’m an affiliate. Your purchase will help me keep this blog going (i.e., I’ll earn money to buy books that I will then write about).*

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I got a few good reads on the nightstand but, you and your readers may enjoy some of these

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Comment by msw blog

The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh…and way too many cozy mysteries from the Little Book Library!

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Comment by The Chaos Realm

Very nice!

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Comment by Katrina

Tho less than 1% of my reading and writing is fiction, I still care about things like character development, choice of details, and narrative arc. A fine example of the last 2 is *American Dreams* by H.W. Brands, who covers US history from 1945 to 2010 with astonishing depth and detail for a main text of only 385 highly readable pages. Here is an excerpt from page 383 on the souring of some big dreams over that span of time:

«The economic dynamo that had dictated to the global economy at Bretton Woods now labored under a debt that left the dollar at the mercy of central bankers in China and Japan. Proud industrial cities … had become pale shadows of their former selves. The political system … agonized over guaranteeing medeical care that much of the rest of the world had long taken for granted. Bretton Woods, the Marshall Plan, the Great Society–those were dreams of another age; the nation in 2010 could aspire to nothing so grand.»

How might we climb out of this hole? Some of our current pols have plausible proposals, and one of them writes a diagnosis and prescriptions with an engrossing mix of anecdote and wonkery that complement each other. Elizabeth Warren’s *This Fight Is Our Fight* (2017) is a somewhat overlapping sequel to her *A Fighting Chance* (2014). Both are good reads, and it is no accident that the word “fight” is prominent in both titles.

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Comment by Mellow Curmudgeon

Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to put her books on my TBR list.

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Comment by Katrina

Great Haul! I have my write up half done, need to get done with it.

You know, I have never used, nor seen ColletibleScience Fiction. How is it? I don’t know much about it. Had forgotten about AbeBooks until a few weeks ago and remembered [thankfully!] how great they are.

That said, your post made me realize I never read anything by PKD! I KNOW I KNOW!!! It’s okay, WILL soon enough! And hold off throwing the tomatoes for just one more moment, but, I also haven’t read The Outsiders. SHEESH I KNOW! Admittedly, though, I grew up in Puerto Rico and we got about zilch of exposure to anything decent. In fact, learning English over there was like learning Spanish over here, wholy inadequate and could be a lot better. It matters not now, though! By the time we moved to the US I was 16 or so and I think I remember the first ‘regular’ book being Where The Red Fern Grows? I think that was it. If not that was close to one of the first books.

Anywhos, interesting list! That Zen Of Horror and Heathenish look fascinating too.

P.S. “Epic” Pic! Totally jacked that for future reference.

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Comment by BreakawayConsciousness

Collectible Science Fiction is awesome. They operate off their Instagram page. You should definitely check it out. Great books with old-school covers at great prices. I’m a huge fan.

I’ve only read two of PDK’s novels, and I loved them both. So, so far, no complaints.

Ha!! Glad you liked my “epic” pic. I may have laughed while creating it.


Comment by Katrina

The Zen of Horror sounds fascinating!

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Comment by Graham Stephen

Isn’t it cool? I’m in love with it and am irritated that I didn’t come up with the idea. Brilliant!

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Comment by Katrina

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