Calliope Writing

About My One-Woman Show

The Woman


Thanks for visiting my little nook in the big world of the World Wide Web.

Here, you’ll read about books I like (and those I despise), literary doodads and knickknacks, grammar pointers and rules, and maybe you’ll learn a little something about me on the way. After all:

knowledge is power

The Company

Calliope Writing Services, LLC refers to me, myself, and I. As a business owner, I have a strong commitment to superior work, excellent customer service, and maintaining an open flow of communication.

Calliope Writing Services has been in operation since June 2007. During that time, I’ve worked with dozens of individuals and organizations, sometimes internationally.

My mission is to provide you with the absolute best writing and editing services available.

Want More Info?

Click here to view my resume and view writing samples. You can also email me directly at

The Blog

Everyone else is into this “blogging” thing, so I figured I should give it a go. Yes, I’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds. But it’s true. I never put any real effort into blogging…but it doesn’t seem to be going away.

So here I go.

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Good job starting your own writing service web page! 🙂 I can’t wait to talk more about our group. Um, who else is going to be in it?


Comment by Denise K. James

Thanks!! Hmm I’m not sure. I know a couple of people who may be interested…


Comment by Katrina Robinson

Great website! I’m very proud of you and your entrepreneurial ambition!


Comment by Carolyn Robinson

I can vouche for Katrina’s work. She has been the editor on my new novel, Charlie No Face, for Savant Books and Publications. She did a fabulous job and is easy to work with.

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Comment by David Seaburn

Katrina wrote 2 guest posts for my blog:

Both pieces are high quality work.

You have my endorsement Katrina 😉


Comment by Fernando Tarnogol


Thank you so much for the comment! I’m so glad that you were happy with the guest blog posts I wrote for your blog. Do keep in touch and let me know if you need anything in the future!

Thanks again!


Comment by Katrina Robinson

[…] If you’re writing a book and don’t know how to properly construct a sentence: hire Calliope Writing. Now. […]


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Thanks for the follow. You’ve got nice endorsements here.

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Comment by Karina Pinella

Thank you!! And thanks for the follow back–I appreciate it.


Comment by Katrina

Emoji time! I’ve tagged you for the Emoji Book Tag. If you wish to play, check it out:

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Comment by Karina Pinella

Just left you a comment on your post 🙂

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Comment by Katrina

I’m passing a challenge your way–3-Day 3 Quote Challenge. Check it out if nothing else:

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Comment by Karina Pinella

[…] Katrina 2. BRH 3. Bill […]


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