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Treasure Trove: What I’m Loving Now

There are so many things I want to share with you…the only way to do it properly is by creating this post: a treasure trove of all the golden nuggets I’ve come across in the past couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoy!

This Box of Goodies

I’d heard of Nerd Block and had seen their ads pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, but it wasn’t until I was promised a Stephen-King-themed horror box of fun that I bit the bullet and hit the “subscribe” button.

Yesterday, my anticipated Horror Nerd Block came in the mail…and I was not disappointed.

nerd block horror box

Among the grab bag of items shown above are an autographed photograph of P.J. Soles (a.k.a. the mean girl in the 1976 Carrie film), a stuffed Pennywise for me to cuddle up with, a Misery shirt courtesy of ShirtPunch, a “REDRUM” key hook, and much more.

And for October, I’m promised an exclusive item from Nightmare on Elm Street as well as some products related to Halloween and Hellraiser. I am STOKED.

This Zombie-through-the-Ages Video

While we’re talking about horror…check out the below.

This Oscar Wilde Quote

(found on Zoe169)

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – from Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan

This Kenneth Patchen Poem

(found on Bibliokept)

kenneth patchen creation poem

This Blog Post About Publishing

(found on A Writer’s Path)

Rachael Hanel discusses several things a writer should do before starting the publication process. My favorite piece of advice? Take a writing class. They’re available online as well as through community colleges and universities.

I can’t count the number of writing classes I’ve taken. Hell, one just started yesterday that I hope will help me prep for NaNoWriMo! But more on that later….

This Edgar Allan Poe Gift Set

(available from PLASTICLAND)

edgar allan poe the tell-tale heart

The realistic heart actually beats, folks. It’s just too good. And perfect timing, as my birthday is Tuesday. (Hint, hint.)

What books, songs, videos, blog posts, poems, etc., have you fallen in love with recently? Share below!

Coming Soon: Freewrite Review!
May 16, 2016, 2:21 pm
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As some of you know (via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter), I received my Freewrite last week and am terribly excited about it.

freewrite boxWhat the hell is a Freewrite? From the website:

Freewrite Smart Typewriter

Distraction-free tool for writing composition

The Freewrite combines the simplicity of a typewriter with all of the modern conveniences of 2016.

  • E Ink screen with frontlight

  • Full-size mechanical keyboard feature Cherry MX keyswitches

  • Internal capacity for over one million pages

  • Document cloud sync through WiFi

  • International language support

  • Rugged construction with aluminum body and stowable handle

Hopefully I’ll have a review of the device posted soon.

Why not now? We’re having some:

technical difficulties

Which means I’ll be able to provide a review of both the Freewrite itself and the company’s customer service. Blessing in disguise.

What writing tool has you stoked?

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