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Awesome Jewelry, Period. – My Next Endeavor

Okay, so this is a little off-topic, but I run this blog, so I can post about whatever the hell I want. So there.

And I have some exciting (at least, to me) news!

ive opened an etsy store graphic

Yes, that’s right. I’ve joined the droves of Etsy sellers and now have my own virtual storefront, which can be found here. The name of it?

Awesome Jewelry, Period.

At the moment, I specialize in bracelets, but that may change in the future. Here are a few of my favorites that are up for grabs, all at $19.99 each (with free shipping!):

The cool thing about these bracelets (other than their pleasing aesthetic properties, of course) is that lava rock is incredibly absorbent, making it ideal for aromatherapy use. So throw on one of these stretchy bracelets, and add your favorite essential oil to the lava stone for added benefit.

I hope you take a moment to browse the store (I have goodies for both men and women), and I hope you find something you love!

So I Took a Vacation from You Nutcases…
May 22, 2017, 11:51 am
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…and I missed you terribly. Well, not terribly, because I was on vacation, but I did miss you. I’m glad to be back into the swing of things.

I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edges of your computer chairs wondering: where did Katrina go? What did she do? Did she run into anyone famous?

This vacation’s destination was the fun and sunny:

Retro Florida Postcard

Courtesy of

St. Augustine, to be exact.

I’d never been, and getting a beach house with a pool (hello, double water and sun) sounded A-okay with me.

I spent all but one day doing this:

Reading by the Pool

But my husband and I did go into Old Town, which was a blast to walk through. And I dragged him to:

The Fountain of Youth Sign

Yes, I did drink from it. So I’m going to live forever now. Don’t act so excited–I know there’s envy in your heart.

An added bonus? There were peacocks–one of my favorite animals–everywhere. I decided they were the unofficial mascot of The Fountain of Youth, and then went insane chasing them and taking pictures:

And there were even white ones!


Overall, it was an incredibly relaxing vacation filled with books, tons of kitschy stuff I wanted to buy, loads of peacocks, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

I’ll leave you with one such sunrise (the only one I got a picture of):


Oh, and I didn’t run into any celebrities. Sorry to disappoint!

What about y’all? Where are you going for spring/summer vacation?

Super Exciting Announcements: Not Boring, I Swear

…well, maybe I don’t swear, but I’ll try to make the announcements as exciting as possible.

I Won a Competition!


I’m not one who’s known for winning things frequently (at least, not when you look at how many contests I enter). I won a riddle competition a few years ago, and about a year ago I won a book from a Book Riot giveaway (they have the best giveaways, right up there with Goodreads‘s). But that’s about it.

Until this week.

On February 20, Words Can’t Fathom announced the Blogoquent Competition. Here was the challenge:

How well can you describe LIFE? Can you describe it in just one sentence?

My entry:

Life is a journey in which nothing is permanent and everything is precious.

And I found out on Thursday that I got first place with eighteen votes. Woohoo!

Here’s my badge of honor:


Check out the other winners and their entries here.

Gift Certificates Are on Sale


My other announcement is that Calliope Writing & Editing gift certificates are now for sale over at A Writer’s Path. I have two gift certificates up for grabs:

  • $35 off a 50,000-word proofread valued at $350 being sold for half price
  • $75 off a 50,000-word full edit valued at $750 being sold for half price

If you’ve ever been interested in my editing services, now is the time to jump in and see if we’d be a good fit! You can contact me here if you’d like to chat.

Those are my announcements for the week. What’s going on in your world?


I Demand Your Invaluable Opinion…NOW!
February 2, 2017, 2:15 pm
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I have some news! I’m going to write a series of eBooks, but I’m having a hard time settling on the topic of the first one.

Here’s where you come in.


What would you want to read about? What would you want to learn about in the writing, editing, publishing, etc., world?

Please leave any and all remarks. I aim to please, and I want to make sure that my first book is one you would want to read.

Check It: I’ve Been Featured on 3 Blogs in the Past 24 Hours

I always get a little (okay, a big) thrill when someone mentions me on their blog or *gasp* reblogs a post or features my work in some other way.

I get as many feels as this guy has.

I get as many feels as this guy has.

So imagine how flippin’ big the thrill was when I saw I had been featured/reblogged on three separate blogs within less than twelve hours.


Check them out here, and be sure to read some of the blogs’ other posts as well–they’re pretty awesome:

Now go have a kickass weekend and…

Write On!

Check Out My Blogging Habits in 2015 
December 29, 2015, 10:44 pm
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My 2015 annual report is here…

Check it out!

Crossing my fingers that 2016 will bring more blog posts (what can I say? I’m terrible with keeping to a schedule) and more awesomeness in general.

…and that I’ll read even more of these:

And I hope the same for you: great writing and tons of reading. 2016 is going to kick ass.

Exciting News – Double-Time!
August 29, 2015, 9:12 pm
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What a wonderful Saturday. At least, I hope yours has been wonderful.

Awesome News!

man yelling the news

This is me (if I were a man) spreading the news via the most effective and reliable method possible.

I have some awesome news for you all. Drum roll?

I’ve created a RESOURCES PAGE! As the clever name implies, this page lists a number of resource for writers, as well as a list of my favorite books (which I think you should read and immediately tell me how brilliant they are).

Feel free (and encouraged) to leave a comment on this post or the resources page itself if there’s anything you want to add to the list, or if you have some recommended reads for me!

And now for another snippet of news…

My First Guest Blogger!

Exciting stuff – an upcoming post will be written by my very first guest blogger. Shana Swain, mother of two and foodie galore, loves books. Do I really need to tell you more? She likes books. So obviously she’s awesome.

Source: Reddit user ihazahapee

Source: Reddit user ihazahapee

If you didn’t sing along, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Shana likes big books, and she also cannot lie about it, and her post will touch on the importance of reading to children. Stay tuned for that next week.

In the meantime, I’m now looking for the best “I like big books and I cannot lie” thing (yes, thing, because I don’t care if it’s a necklace or a pair of underwear). Bonus points to whoever can find the most bizarre ILBB&ICL thing. BIG bonus points.

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