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Bodacious Editing Services

Katrina Robinson ● ● (843) 830-1051

Full Editing

Full editing services include proofreading, a content critique, and edits to awkward sentence structures, unclear wording, etc. Additionally, character and timeline inconsistencies will be addressed.

Price: $0.015 per word

*All prices are subject to change after initial review. A 20 percent deposit is required.


Proofreading services include correcting spelling and grammar errors.

Price: $0.01 per word

*All prices are subject to change after initial review. A 20 percent deposit is required.

General Information

With each of the above services, I’ll take care of basic formatting (spacing, margins, etc.).

Each of the above services includes ONE run-through of the manuscript/document using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes/Review to make edits and insert comments. After the edited manuscript is returned to the author, it is the author’s responsibility to accept or reject the edits that have been made.

Answers to any questions you may have and any clarification that’s needed regarding specific changes or comments are included in the above prices. If more than one run-through is preferred, I’m sure we can work something out.

After my initial review of the material, an agreement regarding price will be made on an individual basis. The information on this page includes base prices and may change depending upon specific projects.

Note: There are very few types of content that I will not edit. It includes material with explicit/detailed non-consensual intercourse (i.e., graphic rape) or explicit/detailed bestiality.

MS Word Track Changes/Review

If you aren’t familiar with Track Changes/Review, basic info can be found here:

Let’s Do This!

Have a question? Or a bunch of them? Or are you ready to jump in? Contact me! I’d love to speak with you.

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Could you tell me how can you pay? Credit card only, are there other options?

When is the final price determined? Before or after you review the material?

Thank you!


Comment by GirlScoutInDistress

Hi there,

I accept PayPal or check.

Price would be determined before I jump in and begin working on the project.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via my contact page:



Comment by calliopewritingllc

Thank you!


Comment by GirlScoutInDistress

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