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Awesome Jewelry, Period. – My Next Endeavor

Okay, so this is a little off-topic, but I run this blog, so I can post about whatever the hell I want. So there.

And I have some exciting (at least, to me) news!

ive opened an etsy store graphic

Yes, that’s right. I’ve joined the droves of Etsy sellers and now have my own virtual storefront, which can be found here. The name of it?

Awesome Jewelry, Period.

At the moment, I specialize in bracelets, but that may change in the future. Here are a few of my favorites that are up for grabs, all at $19.99 each (with free shipping!):

The cool thing about these bracelets (other than their pleasing aesthetic properties, of course) is that lava rock is incredibly absorbent, making it ideal for aromatherapy use. So throw on one of these stretchy bracelets, and add your favorite essential oil to the lava stone for added benefit.

I hope you take a moment to browse the store (I have goodies for both men and women), and I hope you find something you love!

Kickass Stocking Stuffers for Readers and Writers – Part 1

Oh, the holidays. There are quite a few this month – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and Christmas, which my family celebrated. Growing up, one of my favorite things about the morning of December 25th was digging into my stocking, which Santa had filled with all sorts of goodies.

Stockings are still my favorite part about Christmas, and I couldn’t believe it when my husband said he’d never had one (bad Santa!). Now he knows the joy of overflowing stockings, too.

Read on for some stocking-stuffer options that are, in my opinion, damn awesome. And especially awesome if given to a writer and/or book lover.

Blank Pages

Every writer needs a notepad to keep on hand at all times. A few of my favorites are:

Shiny Things

I’ll be frank: I’m a sucker for glitter and anything I can put in my jewelry box. So here are a few ideas for jewelry you can get the writer or book lover in your life:

It might not be shiny, but it sure as shit is functional:

And a little box to put all those shiny baubles in:

Creative Relaxation

Coloring isn’t for kids anymore, which is evident by the thousands of adult coloring books available. If you’re looking for something a little more literary, here are some options.

And it might not be your standard coloring book, but this gem will certainly get those creative juices flowing!

Cozy Neck Adornments

It’s important to stay warm during these chilly winter months…so why not do so in a literary fashion?

And this one, which is in my letter to Santa this year (it’s my favorite Poe poem…what can I say?):

And the fun isn’t over yet! This is just part one of my stocking stuff post series this holiday season. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss part two!


*Just a quick notice that the above links leading to Amazon will benefit me since I’m an affiliate (meaning your purchase will help this blog going).*

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